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96-192KHZ 24BIT | 55.5MB | 30 FILES | META DATA


BLOODBATH is a collection of 360 carefully designed and rendered horror/gore sound effects. Stabs, chops, blood drips, flesh drips, skinning, slicing, gush textures, cinematic flesh impacts and more!

BLOODBATH is divided into two main categories:

CLEAN 192kHz 24BIT | 250 FILES | META DATA All CLEAN sound effects have been lightly cleaned up in RX and meta tagged in Soundminer. Single layer with no pitch/time corrections, no compression nor other plugins alike. Realistic, organic sounds, recorded at 192kHZ. Perfect for stacking/layering or more subtle sound design.

DESIGNED 96kHz 24BIT | 110 FILES | META DATA All DESIGNED sound effects have been put together using CLEAN sound effects. Multiple layers (Stacked), carefully processed to achieve modern cinematic sound.

RECORDED WITH: Sound Devices MixPre 6, Sennheiser MKH8060 and Sony PCM D100 at 192kHZ. EDITED WITH: Pro Tools, iZotope RX, Sound Particles